I read THE FREE GIFT twice last night and was overcome with emotion.  I felt like you had a window into my soul as your writings were so applicable to many areas of my life.  I have been fighting this guilt thing for many years and until last night, really had no strong or viable answer to my many "Why's?" Patrick MacLaughlin

I had argued against and disputed the Bible and Jesus for 35 years. I was an honest upright man, good husband and father. I readily accepted there was a God, and was working my way into heaven one good deed at a time. Wrong!!  My regret is that I didn't read it in 1980, and not wasted those many years. Brian Hodson

I can relate to the things in THE FREE GIFT.  It makes it easier for me to change the way I relate to God and His teachings in the Bible. Reading this has given me more of an incentive to read the Bible and learn more about God. Anthony Vecchiarelli

THE FREE GIFT touched my life as no other book has. It explained to me in simple, understandable terms that God unconditionally loves me, forgives my sins and that no matter what I've done or will do in this life I can't earn this gift. It's FREE! Norris Heckel

I have been deeply impacted by reading THE FREE GIFT.
Billie Evans

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