Too often, people present their theological views with no corroborating scriptural support. In THE FREE GIFT , Ken has provided a wonderful message and backed it up with God's words and wisdom. Mike Regan

In THE FREE GIFT , Ken clearly articulates and illustrates the fallacies of a religious society trying desperately to be good enough to get into heaven. Vern Holmquist

Had I read THE FREE GIFT sooner it would have saved me from many mistakes that caused me and those around me pain and heartache.  Even though my mother took me to church regularly, I don't recall hearing the gospel in such clear and understandable terms. It is a must read! Roger Roberson

An easy to understand love story between God and man.
Carol Comstock

The part in THE FREE GIFT where you address guilt really spoke to me. What made it even more meaningful is that you have been where I have been and know exactly where I am coming from. I cried through the whole book. Cindy Duimstra

Read this book!  THE FREE GIFT is a gift from a man whom God gave a new heart so he could tell us in no uncertain terms not to rely on ourselves but on God and that we are saved by placing our trust and faith in Jesus Christ alone. Jim Murphy

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